Making the decision to repaint outside of your house is an easy one.  Keeping the painted areas of your home in good condition is essential to protect it from the sun and rain in our difficult climate.   But with thousands of colors to choose from, how do you choose the right one?  Maybe you could you use two colors… or three?  Which colors go best together?  Should the front door color match the trim color or should it be an accent color?  This part isn’t always so easy.

Often customers will seek the advice of their painting contractor.  But when asked questions like these, most painting contractors will send their customers to the paint store to make their color choices on their own, often from very small color swatches.  This isn’t the most helpful approach.

One of the things that we’ve learned in over 11 years in this business is that it can be hard to choose colors from small color samples.  It’s difficult to look at a color chip and get a sense of what colors will look like when applied to a much larger area. Many people use the same color time after time simply because they aren’t confident in their ability to select a new color.  They just don’t want to chance making a bad choice and having to live with it for a decade.  This can be a quandary……. but not when you choose C & J Perfection.

Our painters will apply some of the potential color choices to a good sized section of the siding or trim to help you get a better idea of what the finished product will look like.  The larger samples can be very helpful in getting a better sense of which colors you will like best.

We can help with interior colors as well.  Clients often want to use several colors inside their homes.  This can be a bit tricky.  In the open floor plans that are so popular in homes today, wall colors in one room are easily visible from adjacent rooms. When this is the case, the colors in one room really need to agree with the colors in the adjacent areas.  We can assist in developing an overall color plan that enhances the interior flow and architectural features of your home while complementing your home furnishings. We can help you choose colors that you will love based upon your tastes and lifestyle.

We are passionate about color and about the effect that the right colors can have in transforming the rooms of your home into spaces that reflect your personality.

Get help from a color professional! When you choose C & J Perfection, you’re not on your own when it comes to choosing colors.

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