If you live in a home long enough, drywall repairs are inevitable. Sooner or later someone pulls a little too far into the garage while parking, or the air conditioning condensation tray stops up in the attic and the overflow damages the drywall ceiling and walls.

If you have had drywall repaired in your home, you know that it can be a messy, drawn out process.  Many companies use pre-mixed joint compound for repairs. It dries by means of evaporation and can require 12-18 hours for each step of the drywall finishing process, depending upon the humidity and temperature. It can take a day for the taping and the first float to dry, then a day for each skim coat. All of this is before texture, priming, and painting. The entire process can take a week!

At C & J Perfection we have expert drywall finishers who can quickly remove the damaged drywall and replace it. Our finishers are adept at using “quick set”  joint compounds for taping and bedding.  “Quick set” hardens in minutes by means of a chemical reaction that occurs when it is mixed with water.  Multiple coats can be applied in the same day.  This can reduce the number of return trips to your home, and in some cases, all work can be done in one day.  The result is less hassle and a lower cost for our customers.

Another part of drywall repair that many dread is the DUST generated by sanding. Although a small amount of dust is unavoidable, our drywall finishers don’t use sandpaper between coats to smooth the repair, they expertly apply the joint compound,  applying only the required amount of repair compound needed to fill the repair.  By doing this, we minimize the amount of sanding required.  When sanding is required, we “sand” with a wet sponge, which produces no sanding dust at all!

Using these techniques, we can reduce the time required to complete drywall repairs to just one or two days at most and avoid the dust produced by conventional drywall repair.


There are as many patterns of texture for ceilings and walls as there are painters and it takes a real pro to match a texture so that the repairs are difficult or impossible to detect. We have experts in texture matching that can quickly complete your repairs. And since we do the drywall repairs, texturing, and painting……we will complete your drywall repairs in the shortest possible time so as to minimize the inconvenience for our customers.

Our Drywall Services Include:

  • ​Drywall hanging
  • Drywall taping
  • Drywall finishing
  • Drywall repairs
  • Water damage repair
  • Textured ceilings
  • Smooth ceilings
  • Custom ceilings
  • Ceiling repair
  • Ceiling replacement
  • Ceiling to smooth
  • Ceiling textures -Knockdown -Popcorn
  • Wall repair
  • Skim coating
  • Nail pop repair
  • Plaster repair
  • Fire taping
  • Sheetrock hanging
  • Sheetrock taping
  • Sheetrock repair
  • Sheetrock finishing ​
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