At C & J Perfection Painting and Drywall, LLC we strive to provide outstanding value to our customers in many ways.  Providing quality craftsmanship and being able to confidently offer our 100% satisfaction guaranteed are important, but it is professionalism that defines our mission.  From courteously answering a customer’s first phone call to the final “Thank-you” handshake at the end of the project, we strive for professionalism in all that we do.


When you call or email us, we will promptly respond…. no ignored calls or emails. Our painting proposals are thorough, specific, and we welcome any follow up questions that you might have.  Also, our crew leaders and painters speak English, so communication is easy and natural.

Punctuality and Consideration:

We will begin your job on the date agreed upon, weather permitting.  Our crews will arrive each morning on time and we will not leave unexpectedly in the middle of your project to start another job elsewhere. Our start time is flexible to accommodate your needs.  Some customers want us to begin work after their children are out the door and off to school, while others want us to arrive at their home early so they won’t be late to work.  We realize that we are working for you, so we strive to be considerate of your life and your home.


We welcome your observations and questions, but you need not worry about having to personally supervise and provide quality control. We supervise job progress and quality from start to finish.  In addition, our workers are constantly evaluating the quality of their work as the job progresses.  Be assured, the finished product will be up to your expectations and to our high standards.

Insurance Coverage: 

Our company is fully insured and will be happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

Our Warranty:

We provide warranty on all our painting.  This warranty covers failure of the paint for any reason.  During the warranty period we will repair and repaint any areas that fail at no cost to you.  All labor and materials are covered.  No excuses.  We stand behind our work and have been doing so for more than a decade.


We recognize the importance of having 100% customer satisfaction.  This isn’t just our goal, it’s what we do.

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As hard as we try, we don’t win every bid opportunity, but clients that choose C & J Perfection for their project often share similar criteria in their search for a painting contractor.  Many of our customers choose us because:
  • They are looking for a full service, professional company…… not just a paint crew.
  • They want their homes to look fantastic and understand that not all companies are able to produce those results.
  • They are interested in getting quality craftsmanship but, also great customer service during the process.
  • Price is not as important to them as a smooth, harmonious process resulting a great experience.
  • They want to feel like they are choosing a company that they can trust.

If you have similar thoughts, please call us to discuss your project.  If you do, we think that you may well choose us for your project, too.

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